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We work to bring relevant brands together and connect them with home movers during a key life change, when they are actively looking to buy a wide range of new household goods and services.

Why Home
Movers &
Home Move Box

Get Your Brand in the Box

  1. Home movers spend more on their home in the first six months after they move in, than they do over the following six years. In these first six months they spend an average of £9,000. They will also replace the majority of their household products during the move.
  2. We deliver over 180,000 welcome boxes every year across the UK, giving you unique access to this high value audience on the day they move into their new home.
  3. Through our monthly independent surveys we’ve spoken to over 150,000 home movers to understand more about the home move journey and what products and services they need when they move.
  4. We know that on average over 90% of our sample products are used by the decision maker in the new home, and up to 95% have either re-purchased or plan to re-purchase within the next month*
  5. We also know that home move is a stressful time, particularly financially, and so movers are very receptive to offers that can help them save money. Across a broad range of categories we see industry-leading response rates driven by the accurate and timely targeting of a high value audience, in combination with a uniquely engaging proposition – who isn’t going to open a welcome hamper!

How it works

Getting Involved

Companies wanting to drive brand awareness or encourage trial and repeat purchase can get involved in the following ways:

  • Provide product samples for the box
  • Add an offer to the box
  • Add a branded item to the box, e.g. tape measure, torch, radiator key, checklist
Measuring Success

We run an independent monthly survey, with an average response rate of 21% (approximately 1,500 home movers per month), asking for feedback on the box and its contents. This provides us with a powerful insight into movers’ future purchasing intentions, and allows us to measure the success of a particular sampling campaign or home mover offer.

Generating Social Media

Movers love to share photos of their Home Move Box and its contents, so adding a product or offer to the box is a great way to drive coverage of your brand on social media and increase brand awareness.

Any Questions?

Why not just call the team on 0203 260 0192 or Contact Us

Creating a positive conversation

We are pleased with how well customers have interacted with British Gas through this distribution channel.  We have received great response rates, great customer feedback, and we have found it to be a cost effective means of creating a positive conversation with customers

Helping us revolutionise the wine industry

We approached Home Move Box a year ago to see if it could mimic the results we receive from high end subscription products. Since then we've blown expectations out of the water and attracted over 1k of new customers over a short period of time. The quality of customers that have come through are helping us revolutionise the wine industry.

Of the highest quality

Once we’d tested our insertion, the ROI for us, even in an industry with tight margins, was incredible.  The Home Move Box is of the highest quality and the timing of delivery is absolutely when we need to be speaking to our customers.  The service Home Move Box provides is excellent.  The team are proactive, customer focused, commercially savvy and ambitious, and I would very much recommend them.

A low cost sampling approach

A low cost sampling approach, with scale & robust results. They are very flexible and accommodating to meet our needs for the brand. Moved incredibly quickly in securing trial & proving results. I would definitely recommend the Home Move Box – one of the lowest cost means of sampling I’ve ever come across, with a very professional & reactive team that really understand brands.