New Neighbours Helping to Reduce the Stress of Moving Day

New Neighbours Helping to Reduce the Stress of Moving Day

With today’s hectic lifestyles, twitching net curtains or a quick hello may be what many home movers expect from their new neighbours when they first move in.  But according to the results of our latest home movers survey*, over a third of movers claim that a warm welcome from their new neighbours significantly helped to reduce the stress of moving day.

From a friendly chat to offers of tea and biscuits, this positive greeting had a real impact on movers’ moral – proving that the community spirit is still alive and kicking in many areas!

Help from friends and family was also important to movers, with 82% claiming that this helped to reduce stress levels. Advice and assistance from their estate agent was also in the top three, with one fifth of movers reporting that this was vital in helping the day to run smoothly.

And relax…

But despite the stress of the move, most don’t rest on their laurels once the boxes are all moved in, with over a third immediately giving their new home a thorough clean.  23% of movers put the kettle on and enjoyed a cuppa, whilst 20% quickly cracked open a beer or poured themselves a well-deserved glass of wine.

The survey also revealed some less common tasks undertaken by movers as soon as they’d moved in, including ripping up the flooring, knocking down a wall, and our favourite… proposing!

How you can help…

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*Survey of 707 home movers conducted by Home Move Box, May 2017.