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5 Reasons Why Home Movers Love a Welcome Box

We’re continually surveying home movers to find out what they thought their welcome box and its contents, and when we read through their feedback, we’re always amazed by the impact they’ve had.

With words such as ‘overwhelmed’, ‘shocked’ and ‘over the moon’ appearing throughout the comments, it’s clear that our boxes make a big impression on moving day.

But with the majority of boxes containing every-day items, such as treats and household essentials, it might seem that their reaction is disproportionate to the gift itself…

So, what is it that’s really moving home movers?

Here’s what we’ve learned in over a decade of talking to home movers:


1. Personal is touching

On a busy moving day, when stress levels are high and energy levels dipping, it’s very much the thought that counts.

People love to feel that someone’s thought of them personally on such an important and stressful day – particularly when it’s someone they wouldn’t expect, such as their estate agent, house builder or mortgage lender. It’s even been known to move a few home movers to tears!


2. Practical is perfect

Although Champagne would never be turned away, home movers are really grateful for anything that can help them practically on the day – whether it’s snacks to keep them energised, tea bags for that all-important tea break or cleaning products to give their new home a once over before they start the unpacking.

And when the welcome box contains items they didn’t even think about packing, such as cleaning wipes or toilet roll, you’ll make an even bigger impact!


3. Tangible trumps digital

In today’s digital world, it can be rare to receive an actual physical gift from someone unexpected. It’s much more likely to be a congratulations email or online voucher.

So, when they receive their welcome box full of treats and handy items, movers are taken aback and immediately excited to find out what’s inside.


4. Marking the moment

For many, receiving their welcome box is a very special and significant moment in their home move journey – the moment it all finally feels real.

When handed to a mover as they collect the keys to their new home, it’s the first time they’ve been personally congratulated on their new property.

When it’s left in a property for a mover to find as they first enter their new home, it’s the first welcome gift they open.

And when it’s delivered to their property by a courier, it’s often the very first delivery they’ve received at their new address.


5. Cost savings count

Although moving home is exciting, it can also come with a long list of items to buy, which can be daunting for movers once the dust has settled.

So, when home movers spot the retail discounts inside their welcome box, they immediately feel reassured and more excited about shopping around for their future purchases. Again, they feel as if someone’s really looking out for them at this stressful and expensive time.


Here’s what some recent movers had to say about their welcome box:

“Extremely surprised to receive a box, was amazed and extremely thankful for the items. Exactly what we needed to get stuck in.”

“Over the moon! The box made an already special day even more special, and the contents were so thoughtful and very well chosen.”

“I thought Wow! A really well thought out box of all the essentials. Including a tape measure which was absolutely amazing because all of our stuff is in storage so we were able to use this to measure up for new furniture. So thank you!”

“So grateful! It’s the small things that mean a lot!”

“Complete surprise and excitement. We thought it was very thoughtful and very much appreciated.”

“Absolutely amazing. We couldn’t believe the thought that went into it.”

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What to create a welcome box for your customers?

If you’d like to thank your customers with a welcome box as they move into their new home, get in touch.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your customers and help you create the best box for them. We can also create a branded box design on your behalf, if this is something you’d like help with.

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