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8 Top Home Mover Purchases Revealed

For over fifteen years, we’ve been surveying home movers to find out about their moving experience, and crucially, what they’re planning to buy and when in the months following their move.

Over these years we’ve uncovered some powerful insights into home movers buying behaviour, which we’ve shared with our brand partners to enhance their home mover marketing campaigns.

In our latest survey of over 8,000 movers, our findings reveal that when they hit the shops, this is what home movers are looking to buy:

  1. Furniture – 71%
  2. Home furnishings – 69%
  3. Curtains and blinds – 56%
  4. Lighting – 55%
  5. Bedding and bed linen – 53%
  6. DIY items – 49%
  7. Large white goods – 47%
  8. Garden accessories – 42%

Drive engagement with discounts

With moving home already an expensive time, the impact of the cost of living crisis is making home movers ever more careful about where they spend their money.

Via our survey, home movers tell us how much they value receiving exclusive retail discounts that can help to ease their budget pressures.

Here’s what some had to say:

  • “Thrilled and delighted to receive all the offers as we set up our new home.”
  • “Excellent range of offers which covered all the items we needed for our home. It was relieving to have some help to kit out the house.”
  • “Helpful little bits and offers I will most definitely be taking advantage of. Thank you.”
  • “I enjoyed looking through all the discounts for new furniture for my new property.”
  • “Great to have discount codes and vouchers as moving house is already an expensive thing to do.”
  • “It’s great to receive some discounts off of places we’re definitely going to shop!”
  • “Exciting to search through the discounts and plan what we will buy.”
  • “We were so surprised, but it’s the most useful gift and we even got a discount of our new washing machine which is super useful.”
  • “Thought it was a really nice gesture and loving the discount vouchers which will prove to be a big help to furnish my new home and make it mine.”

Connect your brand with home movers

If you’d like to target home movers with your marketing offer when they’re on the lookout for new items for their new home, get in touch.

We’ll share further home mover insights with you and advise on the best approach for your brand.

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