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Driving product trial for
Evian sparkling water

Danone-owned water brand Evian partnered with us to
drive trial of their new sparkling water and collect consumer feedback.

In Evian’s own words: ‘Evian natural mineral water is now, for the first time, available with light, fine added sparkles. The result is something dazzling, effervescent and refreshingly light.’

Excited by the launch of their new sparking water, the Evian brand team wanted to drive consumer trial and boost brand awareness. With home movers always grateful to receive refreshments on a busy moving day, they were identified as a great fit for the sampling campaign.

Cans of Evian sparkling water were added to over half a million Home Move Boxes over a two-month period, and home mover feedback was collected via our in-house survey.

Campaign Results

The survey produced some strong results for Evian, revealing that:

  • 78% of movers hadn’t tried Evian sparkling water before receiving it in their Home Move Box
  • 53% would buy Evian sparkling water in the future
  • 82% of those who would buy Evian sparkling water had been influenced by the sample in their box, rather than by other advertising

Here’s just some of the home mover feedback we received:

“Moving home is thirsty work, so it was great to have the Evian cans to keep us energised.”

“I’d never tried it, but it was refreshing and perfect to have while decorating.”

“Definitely one for the shopping list!”

The outcome

The results from our product sampling campaign show that the majority of home movers had not seen Evian sparkling water advertised and were not aware of the product before receiving their Home Move Box.

Sampling to this audience gave the Evian brand team an excellent opportunity to drive awareness and product trial.

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