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Driving product trial for
Simple Sheet Masks

Unilever skincare brand, Simple, partnered with us to drive
trial of their Simple Sheet Masks and collect consumer feedback.

In Simple’s own words: ‘Simple Sheet Masks are packed with moisturising goodness! They are made in Korea and full of skin-loving nutrients!’

With the goal of driving trial and awareness of their sheet face masks, the Simple brand team identified home movers as an ideal audience for their selfcare product. Moving home is a very stressful time for many, and so it was predicted that having a such a soothing product to hand would go down very well with movers.

Simple Sheet Masks were added to over 1.3 million Home Move Boxes over a six-month period, and home mover feedback was collected via our in-house survey.

Campaign Results

The survey produced some very strong results for Simple, revealing that:

  • 60% of movers hadn’t heard of Simple Sheet Masks before receiving one in their Home Move Box
  • 83% of movers would definitely/probably consider buying a Simple Sheet Mask after receiving one in their Home Move Box
  • If they would buy a Simple Sheet Mask, 77% said this had been influenced by the Simple Sheet Mask in the box

Here’s just some of the home mover feedback we received:

“I have seen them in the shops but never bought one before.”

“Nice to have a pamper during a stressful time.”

“I absolutely loved it. It is a lovely brand and a really nice touch to use and relax in my new home.”

The Outcome

Sampling in almost 700,000 boxes per year allowed Simple to gain extensive consumer insights and feedback on the Simple Sheets Masks.

The results from the sampling campaign showed that the majority of respondents had not seen Simple Sheet Masks advertised and were not aware of them before receiving them in their Home Move Box. Sampling to this highly receptive audience gave the Simple brand team a unique opportunity to drive awareness and product trial.

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